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woooo :p I've been here for 3 years now
yay ive been playing for 3 years too
rip server?
i cant get on lagged me out
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3 years goldenleaf!

Saxumos BOSS posted 23 hours ago

Woow!, it's been 3 years already!

It's been a long time since we have started from a very small economy-based server, and now we're here. We're very glad that we were able to stay alive for so long, and it's thanks to You and to people who have donated for our project, supporting the community massively. We plan on staying up for as long as we can and keep updating and accomodating to Your needs. 

To celebrate this we will start a 33% donation sale that is active from May 27th till the 10th of June Click on this link to go to the shop with the sale: Donation store

We're also sorry (neuro and me) for our inactivity lately. Just like others, we also have exams taking place right now and we hope to become active and put time and dedication into the server again after our exams. And we'll also upgrade the host/server to get rid of the lag. Thus also sorry for not having a cool event for celebrating this anniversary. A donation sale is all we can do.

Riflescoop I am also one of the few people to have been playing all 3 years. I love this server and can't wait for it to be ev...
MinerFreak123 I am happy to have been apart of this server for 3 years. Ill be looking forward to the 4 year anniversary and all of th...

Build contest 8!

Saxumos BOSS posted May 13, 17

Theme: Dungeons!

Time: May 14th - June 14th

Lets bring the creativity to the underground world and make your own custom dungeon! We'd love to explore your creations and secrets! 

- 100 Vote Points!
- $2000 Money!
- Chest of blocks by your choice (don't make it OP) !
- Fly boots
- Everlasting pride!
- Sexy forum tag


- You can't submit older builds than this post, they'll be disqualified.
- Staff members can't participate.
- This is a single person build contest, no teams.
- Traps are allowed, don't over use them

How do I submit my build?
- Find a place to build
- Sign up by posting the coordinates in this comment section

NotRallex Will post coordinates shortly before close time so nobody can see it 'till its done
HeroBrinesGirl23 What if you don't know coordinates? and how do we get their. iv never done a build contest before

Build contest 7 winner!

Saxumos BOSS posted May 13, 17

cwh_Dan Helper Thanks :d You have the cool blue one, though
thekaiupono Congrats! I'm super jealous about the green title.