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We wanted to use this map for a longer time than usual though
The usual time there's a server reset is around April/May, so we probably won't hear anything until at least March.
They are not planning this world to reset, but that depends on how many changes Neuro is planning to make.
I dont think they do but this is coming from a player not a staff member
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Christmas Event!

B4m1237 Admin posted Nov 19, 17

Join us this Christmas for the biggest event GoldenLeaf has ever had! We'll be counting down the days until Christmas with events! There will be 24 different events, one event every day starting on December 1st @ 4:00pm UTC -5 with the last event happening on December 24th. Event times will vary heavily, when one event finishes the time for the next one as well as what the next one is will be annouced. You can use the command /gl xmas time in game to see when the next event is.

Everyone who signs up will be split into two teams randomly. You will have to work together with your team to try and win the most events. Every event won is one point for the team, the team with the most points at the end wins. Events will have participation rewards for everyone who participates in that specific event. You only get rewards for the events you show up to and participate in. Teams and events will be kept track of on a forum thread, so be patient for them to update.http://bit.ly/2hLT7W4 You will also have teams chats you can use to communicate with your team during the events, no one else can see it. Those commands will also be posted soon.

How to sign up? Post a comment on this thread including your ign saying you would like to participate. Or mail B4m1237 in game that you wish to participate. (/mail send B4m1237)

All your friends on a different team? No worries, until December 1st, if you find someone willing to switch teams with you, a switch can be made by B4m1237. After the event starts you can only switch teams within 48 hours of signing up, after that you can not switch teams. You can only switch teams once.

There is a main lobby for the event available at /warp xmas, there you will find team headquarters, and some fun little things like a small maze and a parkour. In the headquarters there are holograms that will be updated regularly to display your team members and team points. Once you're signed up you will also be given custom named gear for the events so you can easily recognize your teammates throughtout the events.

Messing with events, cheating or causing any type of issue will result in disqualification from all of the events.

MCraftoptics Im late but in. IGN: MCraftoptics
thekaiupono @ goldenleafmc.com
Late... but I'm in :] IGN: thekaiupono
eXub3rance I'm IN IGN: eXub3rance

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B4m1237 Admin posted Nov 1, 17

Halloween & Gauntlet

B4m1237 Admin posted Oct 25, 17

Time to go Trick or Treating!

All the staff (and Ripp) have decorated their houses and stocked up on special treats!

Open from 5pm UTC -5 (4 hours after DP Time) October 30th until 10pm UTC -5(9 hours after DP Time) October 31st! Players will have the chance to ring doorbells for treats

Only one player will be able to go at a time. Any abusing or hogging of the arena will result in punishment as well as losing your treats so be fair! It will be open at /warp trickortreat.

Gauntlet 2.0 i
s coming October 28th!

Gauntlet 2.0 will feature 15 brand new levels, each level being longer and more difficult that the original Gauntlet. In addition to that, you can enjoy the enhanced visuals and new loot that will be provided for those skilled enough to complete it!

Here is a small bit of what to expect from each level:
Level 01 - The Ruins
Level 02 - Verdant Gardens
Level 03 - The Lounge
Level 04 - Forgotten Hall
Level 05 - The Sewers
Level 06 - The Library
Level 07 - The Teleporter
Level 08 - Reflecting
Level 09 - Paradise
Level 10 - The Labyrinth
Level 11 - The Chamber
Level 12 - Reflexes
Level 13 - Synchronized
Level 14 - Blank Space
Level 15 - The Peak

The exact release time for this will be October 28th following the weekly Drop Party, see you there! 

sdhrrbhe @ goldenleafmc.com
Ive just finished gauntlet v2 ! https://imgur.com/YBJnUPX
ASoggyWaterMelon try not to get too spooked trick or treating
Athlaeos hope you guys like level 12 owo