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how do i make a ban appeal please tell me!
can i get un banned please i have been asking for the past year!
Heya I opened a new shop called 'Thorns Mixed shop' Check it out!
Check it out in the market place or look at my forum post!
I just opened a redstone shop :d
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B4m1237 Admin posted Feb 2, 18

Happy New Years!

B4m1237 Admin posted Jan 2, 18

Theme: Wild West!

Time: January 7th  - February 7th. Were making major changes this build contest! In the past staff and builders have not been able to participate. This time both can, however staff and builders will be in their own category seperate from regular players!

- 100 Vote Points!
- $2000 Money!
- Chest of blocks by your choice (don't make it OP)!
- Fly boots
- Everlasting pride!
- Sexy forum tag

- You can't submit older builds than this post, they'll be disqualified.
- This is a single person build contest, no teams.
- No using voxel world edit or creative.

How do I submit my build?:
- Find a place to build
- Sign up by posting the coordinates in this comment section

B4m1237 Admin Winner will be released march 1st
Tawnyy Still waiting to find out dat winner \o>
Federe76 -20863 / 72 / 20056