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Thank you so much for giving me a second chance, I wont mess it up!
lel the people on this server love getting verbally abused
I'm sorry to everyone I disrespected earlier <3
sadfghjnmgtfredsx Thanks Rubi. Now I look like a jerk. I mean, granted I am a jerk but, we can't have that getting out ok?
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B4m1237 Admin posted 5 hours ago

For anyone who has applied and has been wondering why you haven't recieved an answer, recruiters was put on hold after Ripp resigned from staff, and Dzl resigned from recruiters (he's still staff). Now that another staff member has joined the recruiters team (Icey) we will be getting to those apps after the long wait. Sorry for any inconveniences!

Build contest #8 Winner

Saxumos BOSS posted Jul 10, 17


Also don't forget to sign up in the spleef contest below this post!

MsStarrySkye Good going Rallex!!

Spleef Tournament

B4m1237 Admin posted Jul 8, 17

Join us for GoldenLeaf's first official Spleef Tournament!

The Tournament is being hosted by Chelsea (__Chelsea) and Icey (TheBurningIce) and will be held on Saturday July 15th, 1 hour after the usual Drop Party time(2:00pm UTC -5)!

All fights will be 1v1's similar to a PvP Tournament. We will provide shovels, so if you're participating come with an empty inventory! Note: Any cheating including camping will result in disqualification!

In order to sign up for the event, you must post a comment that includes your ign saying you wish to join. There is no limit to how many people can sign up, though if a lot join half the event may be hosted Saturday with the second half being hosted Sunday.

*Sign up will end at 2:00pm UTC -5 on July 14th.

Note: Anyone who hasn't shown up five minutes before the event starts will be disqualified! If for some reason you're going to be a few minutes late, you must let either Chelsea or Icey know at least two hours before the event, so arrangements can be made.

Players who aren't participating are welcome to spectate the event, which will be held at the spleef arena.

First place prize:
-$1000 in game
-50 shop points
-A custom item

Second place prize:
-$500 in game
-25 shop points
-A less op custom item

*There will also be a small, non-op custom item rewarded for participation after the event. Anyone who is disqualified will not receive it.

firelilly343 O plz i didn't see this. Ign: firelilly343. Please let me sign up ;-;
B4m1237 Admin Sign up closed!
StxartTheHamster Youtube Ign: ItsNorth I would love to join since it would be really fun to stream