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Welcome man
Hey Guys just joined - Look forward to seeing you all in game
of thx tav
U can already disguise as one, there are different cow types, u can see it with /dis status
Suggestion: Mooshroom Disguise for veteran and up
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More pictures of the build available on the GoldenLeaf instagram! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZuzToVAN_R/?taken-by=goldenleafmcs

Some Yummy Updates!

Neuro BOSSDev posted Sep 15, 17

Hey there! It's been a long while since the last update post, so let's have a fresh update on some things that have been recently going on!


  • Server is now 1.12.1!
    • Parrots added as disguises and pets for Veteran or higher donators!
  • Towns now cost $1400
  • Monopoly had some bugs fixed.
  • /shop -> Heads now has +3000 custom heads for sale!
  • Sax has officially resigned from his owner seat..
  • Loads of plugins recieved updates
  • Votifier updated, which means better support for voting, and less bugs!
  • Added long-awaited /shop spawners!
    • Their price will probably change until we're satisfied with it, but they're already there!
  • A new event! Epic Bosses!
    • When this post is out, it probably won't be implemented in the server yet, but the plugin itself is an autonomous event, which means that it'll be hosted without any of the staff members present, and will repeat itself on a set interval.
    • The event itself will start with a boss monster spawning in a set location (when it gets released - /warp boss) and the players will have to kill it collectively.
    • This event is made to be a community event, which means two things: one player will not be able to beat the boss by himself, and it'll only spawn when there is enough players online. If not enough players are on, the spawn will be delayed by an amount of time.


And now a little note from myself:
Understandably, the amount of players has decreased because of the start of Autumn, but don't let that get You down! Since I have quite some free time these days, I'll be working constantly on GoldenLeaf to add new features and whatnot, so thank You for staying with us, and see You online!

- With <3, Neuro & The GoldenLeaf Staff Team.

SeanRocks189 Hey could you fix the ninth vote???
CarolBlomarv Aaaand last but certainly not the least to mention... BEST WISHES TO YOU SAX !!
CarolBlomarv You guys are theeeeeeeee best!! Seriously, I’ve been waiting so long for this update. And whaaaat xOOOOO I CAN BU...

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B4m1237 Admin posted Sep 1, 17