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Please go to the FORUMS tab of this website & read "Ban Appeal Format [Read Before Posting]". Follow the directions & then select NEW THREAD when posting your ban appeal. Adam will reply back as soon as he's available.
Hello Brian... I read your concern. You were banned for "xray hacking" by Adam. If you feel this is in error, you'll need to put in a formal "Ban Appeal" on the forums.
It says I was banned by Adam
And I'm, kinda peeved, so like, what is that and how do I get unbanned because yeah
Hey so I was banned for "Xray" hacking, I do not know what that is.
You do not have access to shout.

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B4m1237 Admin There were 4 colours of named carrots, pink, green, blue and yellow, that's what the G, P, B and Y stand for!
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