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He doesn't play anymore if im right
what happened to Ripperoni?
Gotcha. Well, seems like a good way to boost player numbers.
Nope. Goldenleaf and Intianova merged, its a network
Wow. It's been about a year since I've been here. GoldenLeaf got a Pixelmon mode now.
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Warp Fun & Gauntlet!

B4m1237 Admin posted Sun at 13:52

The release of /warp fun, Gauntlet and Sax's new parkour has arrived!

/warp fun is a hub with portals to some of GoldenLeaf's most fun places, as of now there are 5 active portals with more to added in the future!


Found at /warp fun 
25 levels of insanely difficult challenges
Including parkour, mazes, hidden buttons and all kinds of other challenges
Keep inventory is on, so your items should be safe

- 100$
- 15 points
- A customized special item
- You can only claim the full prize once per map
- Every additional completion will give you 50$ and 5 points

How to obtain the full prize: Complete all 25 levels of the Gauntlet and screenshot the annoucement in chat of your completion and post it on my enjin wall or mail send me a picture link /mail send B4m1237 link

Goldenleaf prom

Saxumos BOSS posted Jun 10, 17

Check out the first monthly Prom event!

adam_2186 Last Sunday lol, there will be another one next month sometime
Acidic_Potato13 When is it?
Hakeem123 The theme is 'color madness'

Top Voters

B4m1237 Admin posted Jun 1, 17