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Let's Re-Start!

Neuro BOSSDev posted Mar 16, 17

Hey there!

GoldenLeaf is having a grand reopening tomorrow at Drop Party time (Saturday, 6PM UTC)

The main big changes include:

-V- Edited spawn! -V-
-V- New plugin: AchievementsPlus (Beta stage, and new achieves will be included!) -V-
-V- Extra heads in /shop -V-
-V- A fresh new world! -V-
-V- Changes in custom enchants (EnchantsPlus) -V-
-V- Expanded admin shop with /warp market changes -V-
-V- Jobs! -V-
-V- Other smaller less-noticable changes -V-

More changes will come with time, suggest on what You think GoldenLeaf needs in the forums section 'Suggestions'!

It's been a long time since we have started from a very small economy-based server, and now we're here. We're very glad that we were able to stay alive for so long, and it's thanks to You and to people who have donated for our project, supporting the community massively. We plan on staying up for as long as we can and keep updating and accomodating to Your needs.

Thank You for staying with us for so long, thank You for playing and being active, and see You on the server!

With warm <3,
- Neuro, Sax, and The GoldenLeaf Staff Team.

Arkustrew Thanks. I can't wait!!!
alexkiki1 But how?
HeroBrinesGirl23 im extremely exited (maily fro jobs) I don't wanna wait 6 more hours!&gt;=(! yay!

Reset Update #1

Neuro BOSSDev posted Mar 4, 17

The date of server closure is changed! Server is closing at about March 10th-12th, and will stay closed for up to a week.

If you want to save your builds, save the coordinates of your base!! That will come in very handy when we will be saving them for You.

Doctor_Daan does it include money?
LavaOW What version is the server gonna be when it completely resets?


Neuro BOSSDev posted Feb 28, 17

Tatomatoboy Could you save my cliff base at x: -9316 z: 10008 in a Plains biome. It's almost completely hidden from the outside...
MB3cookies can u save my sky island build plz? coordinates are [X:6305 Y:131 Z:-42]. thx.
Tavitian Can u save my skyscraber cords: X27609/Y254/Z44615 and my big base with alot other builds (westerncity, modern house, mi...