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Have you got plans to have "sky block" extension in golden leaf ? I do like sky block and have often played it mind you it does take a bit of know how to start and keep going bit the 1.12 version is a little harder than the 1.13. Paul
A lot of time people can be in different screens/not looking at their screen or just not paying attention in general without afking. Aside from that there's definitely some people that ignore, but plenty of others who are friendly :d
I Joined this server a couple of days ago and one of the reasons was "it said it was a friendly server" amongst others. I am not looking for a good old chat etc but I have often said Hi or hello to people but they just ignore me and they are not afk
Holy cow i haven't been on here in ages
In this world, it's yeet or be yeeted
You do not have access to shout.


B4m1237 BOSS posted Sun at 22:23

Duckatoa Looking forward to seeing the changes! :)

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