Note #1: If your account breaks a rule, it does not matter WHO was on the account. The account/IP will suffer consequences. It is your responsibility to keep your account secure by using a secure password. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE.

Note #2: The rules applies to every single player. This includes regular players, donators and even staff.

Note #3: Rules 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9 apply to the website aswell.

General Rules

1. No Griefing/stealing
  • Staff can check the logs and can easily detect the griefer and undo his/her work.
  • Even in abandoned places or unlocked chests, never steal!
  • Staff can also check who stole stuff from a chest.
  • This applies with scamming! No scamming is allowed whatsoever!
2. No Spamming:
  • This is to keep the chat/website organized.
3. No Avertising:
  • This will lead into a permaban when a person is constantly advertising one server.
  • You may give an IP to your friend in private chat.
4. No hacking:
  • Any kind of hack client/hack is NOT allowed. if cought, you'll be punished to the Nether where you wouldn't see the sunlight for 1000 years.
  • This includes x-ray & x-ray related texture packs!
The following mods are allowed:
  • Any Minimap
  • Optifine
  • Any shaders
  • Inventory tweaks
5. No bullying:
  • Use common sence and try to act mature when someone tries to offend you.
  • Don't feed the troll, keep it peaceful and friendly
6. No exploiting bugs:
  • Report the bugs on the forums under ''Bugs''
  • Never use these bugs by yourself, we'll take serious action if the player has been cought by exploiting a bug.
  • Don't tell the bugs to anyone, they will get punished too according on the situation.
  • Your money will be reset when taking advantage of a bug in the spawn shop.
7. Language
  • A very minor amount of cussing is allowed, but be very mature about it. Staff will judge how bad your cussing is.
  • Do not insult people with swearwords!
  • No caps at all. Player will be warned/muted.
  • No spamming
  • Only use english language.
8. No lag machines
  • Highly advanced redstone machines will be removed to prevent lag on the server.
  • Autofarms are allowed, use them wisely
9. No racism/sexism/other kind of unacceptable offensiveness
  • We do NOT tolerate actions like that
10. No killing outside of designated areas for that
  • You might have a guaranteed long temp-ban or a permaban if you do this!

Towny Rules

11. Mayor's Behaviour
  • A mayor may not scam his residents (Asking for money, stealing plots etc)
  • A mayor can have his own extra rules inside his town , this does not affect the general rules.
  • A mayor needs to treat his residents good. (E.g: When a resident leaves his town but forgot to take his stuff from his plot, The mayor should return the stuff
to the original owner.)
  • Claiming: Don't claim or start a town on someone elses base in the wilderness.
12. Don't argue with other towns.
  • Saying your town is better than another Mayor will give you a bad reputation.
13. Don't build near towns.
  • Do not build near other towns in the wilderness. This can be reported to staff and can lead into a removal of the building.

Donator Rules

13. Don't heighten yourself in front of other players by saying how cool you are.
14. You are allowed to donate for another player. Notify staff first.
15. Do not give any items gained from donor status.
  • Some donor ranks have /fix, this is for personal use only!
  • Don't abuse the /nick command.

The punishment depends on the user's action. (Mute/kick/tempban/ban/ip-ban)