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Golden Games!

By B4m1237 BOSS - Posted Jun 16, 18

You've been waiting.

Golden Games will be returning now, with the first event taking place on June 23rd @ 2:00PM EST (1 hour after dp), but that's not all! For the summer they'll be an event nearly every weekend until September (excluding August 4th).

We will also now be going through sign ups, if you haven't signed up since the map reset you can do so by mailing Bam/Sabrina in game (/mail send B4m1237 I'd like to join the Golden Games!). 

This will be the only reset that you have to resign up, and that's because we're bringing some big improvements! All points from the events before the reset still count. Team scores won't reset with map resets, neither will team members in the future.

Team gear and info will now be available in the form of a kit, you can use these kits once you've been given a team. These kits will also reset every 2 weeks, convenient if you break or lose your gear. Note: Selling or giving away the gear to people who aren't on the same team as you or part of Golden Games is punishable, do not distribute it.

There are now two crates, one crate for the team that comes in first place, and one for the team that comes in second. Both crates can be found at /warp crates.

We're also still working on the team warps but we've got some big plans for that!

Goodluck to everyone and make sure to sign up! (And like the Golden Games posts on instagram if you like GoldenLeaf.)