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Depends on the browser you're using and the settings, I would assume.
On this website, it does not show my cursor.. How do I fix this?
Did you have /tc toggled on, then left the town? That seems to be a common issue when players can't talk in chat. The only way to fix it is to join a town, toggle /tc off, then leave the town.
I can`t talk in the server...
GL's IP Address: 164 . 132 . 207 . 183
You do not have access to shout.

Top Voters & Build Contest

By B4m1237 Admin
B4m1237 @ goldenleafmc.com
- Posted Oct 1, 18

Ore Contest results to be annouced soon. Keep an eye out for news on the halloween event!

Info: This build contest may have been long awaited for some, but we're finally ready for one! You may be wondering why so much time has passed between build contests, this is because we were waiting for the release of the creative server. With that being said, build contests will be more frequent, but they will also now be held on the creative server. Prizes will still be rewarded on Towny/Survival for the time being. Once again, builders and staff are free to take a go at it, but will be judged seperately from players.

Theme: Fall/Nature. With this theme you can build anything nature related or fall related, the choice is yours. If you have any further questions feel free to ask a staff! :D

Time: October 2nd - November 2nd.

- 100 /shop points!
- 2000$ ingame!
- Chest of blocks of your choice (Excluding anything OP)!
- Fly boots!
- Sexy Forum Tag!

- You can't submit builds older than this post.
- This is a single person build contest, no teams.

How to submit your build:
- Go to the creative server using /server builder.
- Obtain a plot using /plot auto.
- Sign up by posting your plots coordinates in this comment section.